Car Accidents

It seems that each year Maryland highways and back roads become more congested and car accidents are as frequent as ever. Rush hour traffic now begins before 7 a.m. on I95 and the Baltimore and Capital beltways, and traffic is backed up on side roads throughout the day.  The unfortunate result of heavier traffic on our roads is an increased number of car accidents, and these days it's hard to drive 10 miles on any highway without observing a crash.  Car accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of how safely you may drive, and often these accidents will end up with someone being injured. Modern cars may have more safety features than ever, but they are also larger and faster, and as a result there is simply more potential for a car accident to result in a serious injury.

If you happen to be involved in an injury car accident due to someone else’s negligence it is imperative to consult legal advice immediately. You may have a claim for damages and this claim could lose value if you do not hire an attorney. Benjamin Herbst is an experienced personal injury lawyer that can expertly handle your car accident claim from day one. He are committed not only to achieving the best possible settlement or verdict for his clients, but is also committed to keeping clients informed each step of the way. The Herbst Firm produces big results without the drawbacks of a large-scale personal injury mill that passes cases from lawyer to lawyer. Benjamin knows that an injury accident can be a traumatizing and stressful experience but your damages claim will not be stressful in his hands. He will provide the attention and information you deserve, while working diligently to recover a just damages award for your injuries.

The injuries that may result from a serious car accident can range from minor whiplash to paralysis, and some injuries are not immediately noticeable. The pain from these injuries can last a lifetime, and truly be debilitating. The damages are certainly not limited to injury pain. Car accidents can place an enormous financial strain on all parties involved in the accident, and on and their families. Victims can be left unable to work with expensive medical bills pilling up. Injured motorists must also deal with the time constraints that physical rehabilitation requires. A skilled and experienced lawyer will seek to have your medical bills paid for and handle all aspects of your case so that you have time to restore your life back to the way it was.  Benjamin handles accident cases in all jurisdictions from the Eastern Shore cities of Salisbury and Easton, to the Baltimore and D.C. Metro areas.  He also represents clients in Frederick, Hagerstown and Cumberland.

It is impossible to be fully prepared for a car accident, but knowing what to do if you are involved in an accident is extremely important. The first and most critical action to take if involved in a car accident is to check on the health of everyone involved and to call the police. If immediate medical attention is not necessary, make sure you are stopped in a safe place, and call the police to report the accident. While waiting for the police to arrive begin to gather all available information about the crash, including the other party’s insurance information. If you have a camera or an iPhone try to photograph the scene of the accident as best as you can. It also may help to write things down that you remember happening, or statements that the other party may have made. Be aware that the police and the other parties involved in the accident may be memorializing everything that you say as well. Try to give an honest and accurate report, and if you think that the other party did something negligent, do not hesitate to share your opinions with the accident investigator or police officer. Also keep in mind that Maryland is a contributory negligence state, and if you were at fault for the accident in any degree insurance companies may try to argue that you are barred from monetary recovery.

After the scene is stable it is important for your potential claim for damages to immediately call an accident lawyer. The Herbst Firm can give you valuable advice about how to handle your automobile accident to best prepare for your legal claim. Do not give any statements to an insurance company or to the other party involved. You should speak to as little a number of people as possible about your accident. The only people you should speak with are police, doctors, and your lawyer. One of the most important things to remember is to seek medical treatment at the onset of any sort of pain that is attributed to the accident. Even is the pain or discomfort does not show up for days, immediate treatment is absolutely crucial to maintaining a claim for damages. If a doctor prescribes a rehabilitation plan for your injuries make sure you follow the doctor’s orders. Insurance defense lawyers love to shift blame to an injured plaintiff who fails to diligently rehabilitate his or her injuries.

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