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Allegany County Criminal Defense AttorneyBenjamin Herbst is an experienced criminal defense attorney who handles all types of charges in Allegany County.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime for anything ranging from DUI and open container possession to felonies such as drug trafficking, robbery and murder contact Benjamin anytime for a free consultation.  He has represented hundreds of clients in Maryland and has been lead attorney in over 50 jury trials including securing acquittals for crimes punishable by life in jail.  Benjamin takes pride in keeping his clients informed at all stages of the legal process, and is always available to discuss the case.  All clients of The Herbst Firm have Benjamin’s cell phone number, which means he is easy to reach and you will never have to jump through hoops to get your lawyer on the phone.  Being a defendant in a criminal case is a stressful experience, and we know that while the end result is the most important part, it is also our job to provide comfort and counseling throughout the process.

Almost all defendants in Allegany County cases will originally be scheduled to appear before a judge of the District Court at 123 South Liberty Street in Cumberland.  Some more serious cases will skip the District Court and be filed by the State’s Attorney by way of indictment or information in the Circuit Court located at 30 Washington Street.  Cumberland is the county seat or capital of the county, and is also the largest city in Western Maryland.  It serves as the hub for most of the business in the area including from nearby West Virginia, and during the summer months is a popular tourist destination known for its brick pedestrian mall on Baltimore Street.  The city population is around 20,000, which is over a quarter of the county’s estimated population of 73,000.  Frostburg is the second largest city in county and is home to Frostburg State University, which is part of the University System of Maryland and home to over 5,000 students.  The city is located about 10 miles west of Cumberland, and is an easy drive down Interstate 68.

The overall crime rate in Allegany County is relatively low, but in Cumberland  the crime rates tend to exceed the normal averages in Maryland.  Property crimes and drug crimes are the most common, but the area does have its share of violent offenses.  In addition, we have seen numerous alcohol related offenses that originate at Frostburg State including possession of a fake ID, alcohol citation for underage drinkers, and drug possession.  There are also numerous arrests of individuals from neighboring Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  These out of state residents often fall victim to Maryland’s extremely harsh gun laws.  State or county police officers in the area are on high alert for firearms upon pulling over anyone bearing a WV or PA license plate, and aggressive and often illegal searches are common.  The Herbst Firm specializes in illegal possession or transportation of firearm cases, and has successfully handled dozens for out of state residents.  Call 410-207-2598 if you or a loved one has been arrested or charged for any crime in Allegany County and we will start preparing your defense immediately.

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