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Anne Arundel County Criminal Defense LawyerAnne Arundel County is one of the largest and most populated counties in Maryland.  It is located in the center of the state directly below Baltimore City, and is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay on its eastern border.  The county is part of the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area, which has a population of over 8 million residents.  The population is just under 600 thousands residents, and is increasing steadily along with other suburban areas in the state.  The county seat or capital is Annapolis, where the United States Naval Academy makes its home.  It is also the state capital and the home of the state legislature.  Glen Burnie is the largest town in terms of population in the county but Annapolis is one of only two incorporated cities in the county, and definitely the most well known and influential city.  Other well known towns include Severna Park, Severn, Pasadena, and famously named Parole.

Law enforcement in the county is predominately run by the County Police Department, but County Sheriff and the Maryland State Police also have a presence in the county.  As one of the two incorporated cities in the county, and one of a relatively small number in entire state, Annapolis does have its own police department.  The city Police Department does not make nearly the amount of arrests as the county police, but still does play a major role in the criminal justice system.  Just like most counties in the state of Maryland, Anne Arundel County has a lower crime rate than neighboring Baltimore City, and Washington D.C., but police still make thousands of arrests each year for drug crimes such as possession and distribution of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.  County Police also make a large number of arrests for other non-violent crimes such as theft and burglary.  Violent crime is not as common as in other counties, but there are still hundreds of assaults and incidents of domestic violence in the county each year.  DUI is one of the most common crimes, and results in more arrests each year than all other crimes combined except for drug possession.  DUI is also a common crime in Annapolis due to the city's popular nightlife areas, and city police always focus on these areas to make arrests.

If you have been arrested, charged, or are being investigated, for any crime, it is important to retain a criminal lawyer with knowledge and experience in county's judicial system.  The Herbst Firm is an Anne Arundel County DUI law firm that also handles drug possession cases, and domestic violence cases throughout the county.  Contact The Herbst Firm at 410-207-2598 for a free consultation at any time, day or night
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