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Bowie is a rapidly growing city located in northeast of Prince George’s County.  It was once just a small railroad stop between Washington and Baltimore, but since has turned into the fifth most populous city in Maryland, and the third largest in terms of total area.  It is also home to the Baysox baseball team, which is currently the Double A minor league affiliate to the Orioles.  Bowie has a low crime rate compared to other large cities in the state, and most of the crime in the area is property crime or CDS drug crime.  Nevertheless, the city is not completely devoid of violent criminal activities such as robbery and assault.  The Herbst Firm has offices close by and is willing to travel anywhere in the state to discuss your criminal case, or a loved one’s case.  If you need the assistance of a criminal lawyer in the area do not hesitate to contact the firm at any time.  We understand the intricacies of the PG county criminal justice system, and are ready to assist you through the legal process.

In the last decade, the population of Bowie has grown at an increased rate due to the amount of residents that are now commuting to the Baltimore, DC metropolitan area.  It was become an attractive suburb for both cities due to the abundance of parks, recreational activities, and community events.  Bowie has an above average median income compared to other Maryland cities.  The city ranks 65th in state median income and 7th in county income.  The average family makes over 100 thousand dollars and the per capita income is a little over 30 thousand dollars per year.  Land and real estate are still relatively cheap but the cost is rising steadily as more developers are snatching up the prime property sights.  In addition to being a large commuter city, it is also becoming a popular destination for empty nesters and retired federal government employees who once lived closer to Washington.

Law enforcement in Bowie is predominately handled by the city’s police department, but the county police still has a presence.  Prince George’s County also has a sheriff’s department, but the sheriff’s main responsibility is the justice system and corrections.  As mentioned before, the city has a relatively low rate of crime, and especially violent crime.  But as with all suburban areas, there are still numerous property crimes such as burglary and theft each year.  DUI and drug possession are also common in Bowie.  Like most Maryland cities, which lack efficient public transportation, residents are forced to drive just about anywhere.  If the police are not out making arrests for violent crimes, you can bet they are on the roads and highways pulling people over for traffic infractions.  If you or a loved one has been arrested or cited for any crime in Bowie, including DUI and tickets, contact Benjamin Herbst at 410-207-2598.  Mr. Herbst has handled hundreds of criminal cases and is a skilled trial attorney and negotiator.
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