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Few people realize that Columbia is actually the second largest city in Maryland.  It is one of the most famous planned communities in the entire country, and is consistently rated amongst the most desirable places to live in America.  Along with Ellicott City it recently ranked number 8 in Money Magazines best places to live in 2012.  Part of the reason that it is such a nice place to live and work is that the crime rate is relatively low.  Howard County in general has one of the lower violent crime rates in the state, and a relatively low non violent crime rate as well.  As is typical in more affluent areas around the country, the most common crimes are DUI and drug possession.   Columbia is not an incorporated city, and as a result it does not have a separate police department.  This is somewhat uncharacteristic for a city with an estimated population of 100,000, but nonetheless the County Police Department handles most law enforcement duties in the city.  Countywide, there are about 1,000 reported drug crimes per year, which is about 1 per every 100 person of the population.  The most common drug crime is without a doubt drug possession by a ratio of more that 10 to 1 compared to other drug crimes such as distribution and trafficking.  The Herbst Firm has experience in representing clients charged with drug possession here, and our lawyers are standing by to offer a free consultation about your case.

If you decide to use them, do not transport them!  Traffic stops are by far the easiest and most common way that police officers ending up arresting a person for drug possession.  Although there are no exact statistics on how a police officer first comes onto contact with a defendant in a drug possession case, the numbers are probably overwhelming in favor of traffic stops.  Columbia, and Howard County in general are known for a large concentration of road patrol police officers.  Speed limits are lower than average, and simply put, the HCPD does not usually have much else going on.  There are large numbers of DUI and drug possession cases in the county because that is what police are out looking for.  Many of the Firm’s clients have been arrested or cited for possession after police initiate a traffic stop for speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and even texting while driving.  If an officer smells a hint of marijuana for example, that officer will do whatever it takes to initiate a search.  Unfortunately whatever it takes often means conducting an illegal search that violates both Maryland law, and the United States Constitution.  Benjamin Herbst has filed numerous to suppress in drug cases due to police illegally searching a person’s car or belongings.  Even if you are not driving, there is a chance that your case will be dismissed to an illegal search or detention.  There is no reason to risk facing criminal charges without the help of an experienced and skilled lawyer.  Contact the Columbia drug possession lawyers at The Herbst Firm for a case evaluation and let us fight for you.
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"I am writing this letter to thank you for doing such a great job in my case. If it were not for what you did I would still be in jail right now. My family and I are very grateful I have a second chance at life now, and if it wouldn't be like this if you were not so good at what you do. Thank you again Benjamin!" T.S.
"I want to commend you on the excellent representation that you provided on my son's case case. I truly appreciate everything you have done. You are a dedicated, very professional, and caring individual. We both wish you the utmost success in your legal career and future endeavors." Raquel and Joseph M.
"Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into defending my case. You were willing to fight for me when nobody else would believe my story, and you did not back down from the prosecutor. Another lawyer would have urged me to plead guilty, but you were willing to fight for me, and in the end justice was served. I appreciate everything you did and wish you all the best." Fred D.
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