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Like all towns in Baltimore County, Owings Mills is not incorporated.  Therefore it does not have its own police department, or city government.  Law enforcement is handled by the Baltimore County Police Department, and most planning and development decisions are made by the County Counsel.  Owings Mills was actually ranked in the top 100 places to live and start a business by CNN Money along with other larger Maryland towns including Columbia and Rockville.  The town only has a population of a little over 30,000 residents living within its 10 square miles.  The largest neighborhoods include Tollgate, New Town, and Worthington.  The Herbst Firm handles all types of criminal cases arising in and around Owings Mills including drug crimes, theft, and burglary.  We have extensive experience defending clients in the district and circuit courts of Baltimore County and are available 24 hours a day to offer a consultation about your case.  We are also more than willing to travel to meet with you to discuss your case wherever is convenient.  Our main goals in defending criminal cases is always to keep our clients out of jail and keep convictions off our client’s records.  The firm also strives to keep its clients informed throughout each step of the legal process.  An uniformed client is usually a stressed client, and we make every effort to keep our clients stress free.

While this area is not typically seen as a hotbed for crime, there are a surprising amount of non violent crimes reported each year.  The most common crimes in the area are drug crimes and theft.  Drug crimes include drug possession, which is a misdemeanor, and distribution, which is a felony.  The most common drug arrest is for marijuana, which is consistent with other areas in the state.  The county police reported that there were a little over 300 drug cases in the Owings Mills and Reisterstown area in 2011.  There were also close to 500 hundred theft cases in the area last year, which is relatively low compared to other areas in the county.  Aggravated assault and burglary statistics were similar, with about 150 incidents of each last year.  Because there are low levels of violent crime, cops are more likely to arrest a person for a minor offense.  Many times we have seen people in the county be arrested for minor misdemeanors such as possession marijuana under 10 grams, or even shoplifting, when in other jurisdictions police would have simply issued a citation and a summons to appear in court.   It may not be fair, but that is just the reality of living in the county.  You will still be able to fight to have your charges dropped or dismissed, and the Owings Mills criminal defense lawyers at The Herbst Firm know how to achieve this.  We are more than willing to take your case to trial if we cannot work out an acceptable resolution with the state.  We never convince our clients to plead guilty and are always willing to do the extra work involved with their cases.
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