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Prince George's County Probation LawyerPrince Georges County is second only the Montgomery County in total population, and with one of the higher crime rates in the state it is not surprise that the criminal caseload in the court system is extremely high.  Felony cases and even misdemeanor circuit court cases can drag on for months before a firm trial date is provided.  Sometimes the prosecutors lose evidence or interest, and sometimes the defense becomes wearing of waiting for their day in court.  Either way PG County’s high caseload results in hundreds of plea negotiations worked out each year that involve some sort of probation sentence.  Many of these plea negotiations involve suspended sentences, which may only be imposed upon some sort of violation.

A probation sentence can be both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing for obvious reasons such as providing a way for a defendant to avoid serving jail time.  Defendants can also avoid criminal convictions by accepting and completing probation.  In some more serious criminal cases a defendant who receives a conviction may be able to motion a judge to strike this conviction down the road if he or she is complying with all conditions of the sentence.  But we have seen hundreds of cases where probation can also be a curse.  Sometimes the defendant is the one to blame, but not always.  Probation officers are notorious for constantly being on a power trip, and the ability to write a violation report and have a defendant arrested often gets to their head.  Unlike a regular criminal case, in violations of probation the defendant is never given the benefit of the doubt, and is hardly presumed innocent.  Officers and prosecutors often recommend lengthy jail sentences at violation hearings, and without proper representation a defendant faces his or her entire backup time for even a minor infraction.  This is exactly why anyone facing a probation violation in Prince George’s County or anywhere else in Maryland must hire an experienced defense lawyer for protection.

Benjamin Herbst has personally handled hundreds of violation of probation cases for charges ranging from misdemeanor DUI or marijuana possession, all the way up to life felonies.  Other VOP charges that Mr. Herbst has handled include armed robbery, car jacking, and grand theft.  There is simply charge too complex for The Herbst Firm to handle.  If your probation has been violated, the officer will typically submit a violation report to the judge.  The Judge will then read over the report and then make a decision whether he or she should sign an arrest warrant for the defendant.  In many cases, especially felony cases, the judges sign no bail arrest warrants.  Upon being picked up for a warrant, the defendant can sit for days waiting for a court date, while nothing is being done on his or her case.  But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Upon being hired we will immediately write to the judge to ask that any outstanding arrest warrants be withdrawn and a hearing on the violation be set.  In many cases we can address the violation of probation without our client ever having to set foot back in jail.  If you or a loved one is facing a Prince George’s County VOP contact the lawyers at the firm for a free consultation today.
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