Motorcycle Accidents

Recovering damages for a motorcycle accident present unique challenges compared to recovering damages for car and truck accidents. Motorcycle drivers carry around a negative stigma in this country that is often not based on reality. Police officers love nothing more than to write a speeding ticket for a motorcycle driver, and judges, although they will never admit it, hate to see motorcyclists win large settlements. The fact is that driving a motorcycle is legal, fuel efficient, and can be safe as long as other drivers are aware of their surroundings. The average car driver simply does not approve of motorcycle driving, and these are the people that may end up on the jury in a case for damages. This is precisely why it is important to retain an aggressive and experienced Baltimore motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle cases are also different from car and truck accident cases in the way that they are handled by insurance companies. Maryland, like many states, does not require insurance companies to offer personal injury protection, or PIP. The insurance companies believe that motorcycle drivers are at a higher risk than car drivers, and will exercise the right that the legislature has provided by denying PIP. Motorcycle drivers are generally at a higher risk for injury than automobile drivers due to the negligence of other drivers. While a portion of motorcycle accidents are caused by excessive speed and aggressive driving, two thirds of motorcycle accidents are the result car drivers not paying attention to their surroundings, according to the NHTSA. Quick lane changes, turning without signaling, and swerving over lane markers are all common causes of car induced motorcycle accidents. The problem with these types of accidents that makes them truly unique from car and truck accidents is that even minor accidents can result in serious bodily injuries. There is really no such thing as a fender bender involving a motorcycle.

The Maryland State Highway Administration reported that out over 80 percent of motorcycle accidents in Maryland result in a serious injury and almost 5 percent of motorcycle accidents result in a fatality. These numbers are truly staggering considering when in compared to the injury numbers for car accidents. The Maryland MVA reports over 100,000 car crashes per year and about 35,000 resulting in injuries, while less than 600 result in a fatality. That translates to a rate of about 35 percent of car accidents resulting in injuries, and .05 percent of car accidents resulting in fatalities. As a motorcycle driver, you are entitled to recover all damages that arose because of someone else’s negligence. The idea of the civil justice system is to restore the damaged party to the position he or she was in before the accident. The accident lawyers at The Herbst Firm will not let motorcycle drivers be discriminated against in the courtroom as they are on the road, and will aggressively fight to recover a just settlement or verdict. Contact The Herbst Firm at 410-207-2598 for a free consultation.

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