Teen Car Accidents

In Maryland and throughout the United States, young drivers are simply at higher risk of experiencing an injury accident. Teen car accidents are far more common than we as parents, teachers, and mentors would like to believe, and the data surrounding young driver accidents is frightening to say the least. According to the Maryland Vehicle Association, 16 and 17 year old teen drivers make up only 1.6 percent of all licensed drivers in Maryland, but these young drivers account for almost 11 percent of car accident fatalities. This statistic leads to the conclusion that teen drivers are almost 10 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident in Maryland than the rest of the general population. The MVA has reported that over 30 people are injured each day in a car accident involving a young driver, and has also stated that every three days in Maryland there is a fatal car accident involving a young or teen driver. Benjamin Herbst understands that teen car accidents involving serious injury or death can be extremely traumatizing for all those involved, but these accidents can in many cases be prevented through education and awareness.

The MVA does not put out teen car accident statistics to frighten the public, but rather to assure that parents and drivers throughout Maryland are aware of the risks of teen driver accidents, and are educated on how to prevent or mitigate these accidents. There are a variety of reasons why young drivers are more prone to causing or being involved in an injury accident. The leading causes of young driver car accidents are not paying attention, driving too fast, following too closely, and failing to yield. As drivers, we also can use our common sense to understand that young drivers are more likely to text and talk on cell phones while driving, and more often drive with multiple people in their cars. Despite the fact that the Maryland legislature has made it illegal to talk and text on cell phones while driving, many people ignore this law, especially teen drivers. Parents should set a positive example for their young drivers in an effort to reduce the risk of teen accidents by always wearing their seat belt and keeping their hands away from their cell phones while driving.

Even with proper education and enhanced awareness, teen car accidents in will continue to be a frightening reality. The fact remains that young drivers are less experienced, and will not be able to recognize dangerous driving situations as quickly as older drivers. There is no substitute for hours on the road, and even the most cautious younger drivers unintentionally find themselves in dangerous situations. Cell phone apps like Waze often lead drivers on less traveled roads, which can be a dangerous proposition for new drivers in unfamiliar surroundings. All teenagers and young adults make mistakes, but when they are in a moving vehicle these mistakes can have serious consequences. Common driving mistakes include going too fast around a curve, failing to yield at an intersection and changing lanes when another car is in the blind spot. Each of these scenarios can lead to a different type of accident, but the fact remains that even a minor fender bender can cause serious bodily harm. If you were injured by a teen driver or are the parent of a teen that was injured Benjamin Herbst will assure that you are informed each step of the way, and that you receive the compensation to be able to put the injury accident behind you. If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury involving a teen or young driver car accident, contact Benjamin anytime, 24 hours a day at (410) 207-2598.

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Thank you so so much for everything!!! It was so incredibly stressful to face this incident. Thank you for all your patience and the effort that you put into this matter. I really can’t express my gratitude enough. Sincerely, A. J.
Ben is an exceptional lawyer and even better person. He assisted my family with a very sensitive issue and I cant thank him enough. Ben is an incredibly talented attorney, extremely intelligent, and has a lot of compassion for his clients. Mike R.
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