ShopliftingA shoplifting crime may not result in extensive jail time, and may not even result in an arrest, but do not be fooled into thinking that it is not a big deal.  This charge can permanently damage your reputation and result in a criminal record that can stay with you forever, but a Maryland criminal lawyer can assure that your rights will be protected.

Shoplifting is surprisingly one of the most common crimes in the entire country, and it has a large effect on the retail economy.  Maryland ranks toward the middle of the country in terms of arrests.  In 2010 the governor's office of crime prevention reported that there were nearly 120 thousand arrests for theft, and many of these arrests were for shoplifting.  The rate of theft crimes in Maryland is about 2 thousand per 100 thousand of the population.  That translates to 1 out of every 50 people committing a theft, which ranks 23rd out of the 50 states.  The actual number of people who commit theft is likely higher than the estimates from the governor's office for the simple fact that most shoplifters are not caught.  If you or someone you know is arrested, cited, or accused of this crime contact us for a free consultation.  The attorneys at The Herbst Firm understand that many arrests are the result of overzealous loss prevention employees, and sometimes even false accusations end up in an arrest.

Shoplifting is one example of a crime that has a wide range of demographics.  All ranges of people including adults, teenagers, and juveniles are arrested or cited for shoplifting each year.  These arrests also do not favor a specific class of people with respect to income.  A large amount of resources are dedicated to studying retail theft statistics and the effects of this crime on the economy.  These studies indicate that there are professionals and non professionals.  Professional often are arrested with  aids such as boost bags and sensor removal devices.  While these facts make defending a case more complex, an experienced lawyer can still prepare an effective defense.  Studies show that non-professional shoplifters decide to steal for a variety of reasons such as the thrill of committing a crime, as a relief mechanism for anxiety or depression, or just plain boredom.  Many non-professionals that are arrested or cited have no criminal record, and this is why it is important to retain an attorney that will fight to have your charges dismissed.

Juvenile shoplifting makes up a large majority of juvenile crime in general, and is often the result of peer pressure.  Teens are also susceptible to peer pressure to steal and many times teens are arrested or cited in groups.  If you have a teen or juvenile that has been arrested for theft, an attorney who has experience defending with these cases can work diligently to assure that it will not damage your child future.  There are legal defenses and plea bargaining tactics available to defense lawyers that will allow your juvenile or teen to have his or her case dismissed and later sealed or expunged.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about your case or your juvenile's case.
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