Voluntary Exclusion Program Violations

Maryland casinos generate roughly $150 million per month in revenue, and while some of the money goes toward the schools there are a ton of people and businesses getting rich off state residents and players from Washington D.C. and Virginia.  Casinos make money on every type of game they offer, which means that the majority of players end up in the red.  The MGM National Harbor alone makes over $50 million per month, with each slot machine earning over $350 daily and each banked table game raking in over $6,000 per day (banked games include blackjack, roulette and others where the casino is playing against the bettor).  Non-banked tables like poker bring in less, but still a staggering $1,500 per day.  Live! Casino and The Horseshoe are also large earners for the state and their parent companies, earning $45 and $20 million per month at the expense of the players.   These numbers will only go up with the addition of sports betting.   State casinos are no doubt eager to open their sports books as soon as possible, which will not only generate revenue from wagering, but also bring increased traffic to the casino floor.  While the state wants everyone’s money, they created the Voluntary Exclusion Program or VEP to keep players away from the casinos when they’ve decided enough is enough.  The program authorizes the state to charge a violator with criminal trespass for violating the terms of his or her agreement, and rest assured the state will prosecute.


Trespass is a criminal offense, which carries the possibility of jail time and the stain of a criminal record.  It is not something that should be taken lightly.  The casinos are in a good position with the state right now, and are bringing in millions of dollars.  In order to keep in the good graces of lawmakers and public officials the casinos are eager to show their compliance with the voluntary exclusion program.  There are no warnings given, so those who sign up for the program you will be charged with trespass, detained and given a citation to appear in the District Court in either Prince George’s County for the MGM, Anne Arundel County for Live! and Baltimore City for the Horseshoe.  Do not go to your court appearance without hiring an experienced attorney, as these cases are not taken lightly by the state.  Benjamin Herbst has secured dismissals and acquittals in numerous casino trespass cases, and will do whatever it takes to secure the best possible outcome in your case.  He is available anytime for a free consultation, and will not only fight for you in court, but will also keep you informed every step of the way.


It is important to remember that Voluntary Exclusion Program does not automatically expire.  It is in essence a lifetime ban at all Maryland casinos.  Players on the list have the ability to remove themselves after a minimum of 2 years, but they must first apply and complete a problem gambling assessment by a licensed professional and possibly go through counseling and education.  The state lottery and gaming agency has the final say whether a person can be removed from the list, so the ban remains until they say otherwise.  Another thing to remember is that the ban does not only apply to playing at the casino.  Simply entering the building is all that needs to take place for security and the police to be called for trespass.

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"I am writing this letter to thank you for doing such a great job in my case. If it were not for what you did I would still be in jail right now. My family and I are very grateful I have a second chance at life now, and if it wouldn't be like this if you were not so good at what you do. Thank you again Benjamin!" T.S.
"I want to commend you on the excellent representation that you provided on my son's case case. I truly appreciate everything you have done. You are a dedicated, very professional, and caring individual. We both wish you the utmost success in your legal career and future endeavors." Raquel and Joseph M.
"Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into defending my case. You were willing to fight for me when nobody else would believe my story, and you did not back down from the prosecutor. Another lawyer would have urged me to plead guilty, but you were willing to fight for me, and in the end justice was served. I appreciate everything you did and wish you all the best." Fred D.
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